Get your website free of charge

get website free of cost

Long time readers of this blog will know – I am a strong proponent of WordPress. But I understand WordPress can be a little hard to understand for people not familiar with technology. And, I do more than a few technology professionals who are unwilling to invest time in setting up WordPress the right way.…

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Attractive iPage discount

ipage massive discount runs on iPage! iPage has been a reliable hosting partner for for over an year. As per a strategy chalked out long ago, I start with a shared hosting server until the website outgrows it. Even with a plan that enables hosting of multiple sites (on a server that is shared by many…

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A Quick ScrapeBox Review, Don’t miss ScrapeBox Discount

scrapebox keyword scraper

ScrapeBox is the most basic tool that every internet marketer should have. With a simple (but cluttered!) UI, ScrapeBox provides you the most powerful features that you ever wanted in your internet marketing life!   Read through the ScrapeBox feature list before you purchase. If you are in a hurry, here’s the link to the…

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Discount coupon for WPEngine hosting

We have talked about WPEngine before.   WPEngine is one of the better shared hosting providers for WordPress, which takes care of all WordPress management while you can focus on the content. Managing hosting in general (and WPEngine falls in this category) takes a lot of load off your shoulders for upgrades, fixes and resolution…

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