Socialise your blog – Take the pool to the horse

social media
This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series A Beginners Guide to Blog

  You have your blog, you know precisely what to post, you have readers coming in through search engines, and you have more readers from emails. So, why go social you think? Why bother with yet another medium to talk while you have something exciting going on your own blog? You have the pool, and…

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A guide to choose your blogging platform

choose your blogging platform
This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series A Beginners Guide to Blog

Choosing a platform for your blog may look like a simple enough task, but that can be deceiving. You will be amazed at the high level decisions and nuances in those decisions once you start going through the process of blog setup. It is best to come here prepared. There are two primary things you…

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Focus on a topic to make your blog successful

focus on topic
This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series A Beginners Guide to Blog

Start with the most important thing for the blog – ‘objective‘, or purpose‘. You can have a blog that runs all your personal opinions right from the neighborhood dog to karma, politics, and aliens from Andromeda. But do you want to do that?  Think again, and think hard.. Why focus on a topic? The audience out…

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Learn how to optimize your website for Google

I have written about where to begin your SEO quest before. Getting the search engines to recognize that your post/article/website is about the topic that you intend that to be, is a science by itself. It is not too hard to start, but becomes considerably harder when you are competing against sites with good authority…

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Automatically Add WordPress Featured Image

WordPress added what was known as thumbnails to add a specific picture for a post a while back. This was renamed to “featured image”, and regardless of the name change continues to play a role in making your posts look good. Since the blogs /sites are about information presentation in the most efficient manner, the…

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Where to begin your SEO quest?

I have written about my frustration with internet marketing before. I started all wrong when I began my website (on a nice-enough topic), later a general blog, and yet later another popular topic. I expected a bit of traffic in my way, but horror – no luck. Even after 50 posts, with a few popular keywords. When I…

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When to hotlink images, and when not to?

Hotlinking is a term used to signify that the images that you use in the post do not come from the same server that hosts the content. For example, consider these two images: Both are same images and look similar – any difference attributed to showing that they are different images. The left pic is…

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Why use WordPress premium or paid themes?

I absolutely love WordPress. I have tried many blogging platforms right from, Blogger through Tumblr, Drupal, et al. I have not found any good replacement to Wordpress and what it can bring to the table.   WordPress empowers users, not only those who are in web development space but all mortals. WordPress enables you to…

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Monitor your blog performance

You want your blog to shine. You write great content. You market it a bit. You engage your readers. But observe that there is a abnormally high bounce rate. Of course it is a complex problem, but there is no need to get perplexed. Start with the most common problem of all – it may be…

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A huge collection of free WordPress themes for 2013

For WordPress developers and designers, it is a ever-changing, never-satisfied quench for themes and plugins. WordPress themes are not exactly hard to come by, but getting the quality right and saving time is a big problem. It is not quite a big proposition to get paid themes at a reasonable cost, but when you are…

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