5 free social plugins that compel users to share

social media bandwagon social share compelling wordpress plugin

The best of the content you produce is nothing when there are no people to consume them. One of the best ways to get more people to view/comment/connect is to get the current set of readers to share them with others. Social media not only connect people to other people, but also topics to people.…

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Get WordPress theme from any website

mashable beautiful web design

Can you remember how many times you see a website, and cannot get it out of your mind? Can you remember how many times you want to desperately copy the theme of a WordPress website, and you have never been able to? Do you remember the image, colour combination and font that you have tried…

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Keyword Advantage Review – Prepare to Get Horrified

keyword advantage review horrible

Internet marketing is an interesting phenomenon. Here’s a domain where you are trying to get mind share and wallet share in front of millions, without ever leaving your room (well, potentially). You do this following a set of processes, methods, and studying human behaviour on the world of web. Sometimes, it is easy to do all…

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Invest in your blog. There are no shortcuts

spare time on blog

Hubspot blog recently posted an exhaustive list of factors to consider for your sites to rank better. The best thing about the post is that it is not a post with 10k words, but an easily understandable infographic of 200 points. The original article on Backlinko was awesome (as is expected from Brian Dean), but this article…

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How to write blog post in 60 minutes?


Writing articles and blog posts takes time, and energy. As of today, I have 5 websites in different niches. I don’t outsource articles for any of them. The main reason is simple – I simply love the subjects of my websites. Passion sometimes makes up for the lack of knowledge in a particular subject. I…

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Top 3 WordPress themes for affiliate sites


Fact of the matter – “time is of essence”. WordPress installations are quick. You just grab the install from WordPress.org website, upload zip file to your host, click some buttons, and it’s done. If your host supports them (iPage does), there are a variety of one-click installers like SimpleScripts who automate the entire process. The…

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ScrapeBox – The ‘must have’ tool in every arsenal

scrapebox screenshot
This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series ScrapeBox Tutorial

ScrapeBox is the most basic tool that you should have if you are into blogging, search engine optimization, keyword research, creating affiliate sites, or just about doing anything related to Internet Marketing. ScrapeBox is of invaluable help in a tonne of tasks that you need to repeat for your blogs/websites. In fact, I considered ScrapeBox…

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Get returning users, increase interactions through Forums

get users to interact through Forums

I can go on about how WordPress solves all the world’s problems (yes, including hunger). But one thing that it does not solve is automatically bring in readers to your website, and make them interact with you (and with one another). Or, I shouldn’t have actually said that about “bringing in readers” part. WordPress does…

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Top 5 essential WordPress plugins. What do you use?

Wordpress SEO Page Analysis
This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series A Beginners Guide to Blog

  Two things are guaranteed in WordPress: A powerful, stable platform that enables you to run websites without technical knowledge Infinite extensibility through plugins and themes We have seen themes before. Here you will see the top 5 essential WordPress plugins that must be in the install base of any WordPress blog. All of the…

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The only WordPress theme you ever need

beautiful look
This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series A Beginners Guide to Blog

  WordPress is an excellent platform to create your blogs and websites. WordPress provides the best, and easiest ways to extend the blog in multiple ways. And, theme is the most visible part of that extension. WordPress themes make it really easy to change the look and feel of your blog, and make it look…

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