WordPress doesn’t show images site wide? Fix inside

WordPress broken images

I run about three websites at any time on the same host. I also do experiments with new web technologies, and new WordPress themes on a subdomain to my main sites. In one such experiment, I noticed that the images were not turning up as expected in the new website. When this happens, I typically…

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Use Google reCaptcha – Prevent Spam, Digitize the World

google reCaptcha prevent spam in wordpress

Google reCaptcha is an effective way to prevent bots from spamming your website. What reCaptcha does is very simple – it shows an image to be solved to complete a manual action, e.g. for successful submission of a form. Users have to type in the text they find in the image to proceed. This is something…

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5 free social plugins that compel users to share

social media bandwagon social share compelling wordpress plugin

The best of the content you produce is nothing when there are no people to consume them. One of the best ways to get more people to view/comment/connect is to get the current set of readers to share them with others. Social media not only connect people to other people, but also topics to people.…

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Top 3 WordPress themes for affiliate sites


Fact of the matter – “time is of essence”. WordPress installations are quick. You just grab the install from WordPress.org website, upload zip file to your host, click some buttons, and it’s done. If your host supports them (iPage does), there are a variety of one-click installers like SimpleScripts who automate the entire process. The…

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Top 5 essential WordPress plugins. What do you use?

Wordpress SEO Page Analysis
This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series A Beginners Guide to Blog

  Two things are guaranteed in WordPress: A powerful, stable platform that enables you to run websites without technical knowledge Infinite extensibility through plugins and themes We have seen themes before. Here you will see the top 5 essential WordPress plugins that must be in the install base of any WordPress blog. All of the…

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The only WordPress theme you ever need

beautiful look
This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series A Beginners Guide to Blog

  WordPress is an excellent platform to create your blogs and websites. WordPress provides the best, and easiest ways to extend the blog in multiple ways. And, theme is the most visible part of that extension. WordPress themes make it really easy to change the look and feel of your blog, and make it look…

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Automatically Add WordPress Featured Image

WordPress added what was known as thumbnails to add a specific picture for a post a while back. This was renamed to “featured image”, and regardless of the name change continues to play a role in making your posts look good. Since the blogs /sites are about information presentation in the most efficient manner, the…

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Why use WordPress premium or paid themes?

I absolutely love WordPress. I have tried many blogging platforms right from ghost.org, Blogger through Tumblr, Drupal, et al. I have not found any good replacement to Wordpress and what it can bring to the table.   WordPress empowers users, not only those who are in web development space but all mortals. WordPress enables you to…

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A huge collection of free WordPress themes for 2013

For WordPress developers and designers, it is a ever-changing, never-satisfied quench for themes and plugins. WordPress themes are not exactly hard to come by, but getting the quality right and saving time is a big problem. It is not quite a big proposition to get paid themes at a reasonable cost, but when you are…

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Hueman is a beautiful, free WordPress theme

Themes are the most powerful ways to make your website powerful. I cannot write enough on how a professional quality look impacts the way audience perceives your blog, and your work.   Themes are dime-a-dozen in WordPress. Google throws you 107,000,000 search results for “free wordpress themes”. The free themes on wordpress.org/themes is a good place to…

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