ScrapeBox – The ‘must have’ tool in every arsenal

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ScrapeBox is the most basic tool that you should have if you are into blogging, search engine optimization, keyword research, creating affiliate sites, or just about doing anything related to Internet Marketing. ScrapeBox is of invaluable help in a tonne of tasks that you need to repeat for your blogs/websites. In fact, I considered ScrapeBox…

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Top 5 essential WordPress plugins. What do you use?

Wordpress SEO Page Analysis
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  Two things are guaranteed in WordPress: A powerful, stable platform that enables you to run websites without technical knowledge Infinite extensibility through plugins and themes We have seen themes before. Here you will see the top 5 essential WordPress plugins that must be in the install base of any WordPress blog. All of the…

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The only WordPress theme you ever need

beautiful look
This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series A Beginners Guide to Blog

  WordPress is an excellent platform to create your blogs and websites. WordPress provides the best, and easiest ways to extend the blog in multiple ways. And, theme is the most visible part of that extension. WordPress themes make it really easy to change the look and feel of your blog, and make it look…

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Automatically Add WordPress Featured Image

WordPress added what was known as thumbnails to add a specific picture for a post a while back. This was renamed to “featured image”, and regardless of the name change continues to play a role in making your posts look good. Since the blogs /sites are about information presentation in the most efficient manner, the…

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When to hotlink images, and when not to?

Hotlinking is a term used to signify that the images that you use in the post do not come from the same server that hosts the content. For example, consider these two images: Both are same images and look similar – any difference attributed to showing that they are different images. The left pic is…

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Why use WordPress premium or paid themes?

I absolutely love WordPress. I have tried many blogging platforms right from, Blogger through Tumblr, Drupal, et al. I have not found any good replacement to Wordpress and what it can bring to the table.   WordPress empowers users, not only those who are in web development space but all mortals. WordPress enables you to…

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Monitor your blog performance

You want your blog to shine. You write great content. You market it a bit. You engage your readers. But observe that there is a abnormally high bounce rate. Of course it is a complex problem, but there is no need to get perplexed. Start with the most common problem of all – it may be…

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A huge collection of free WordPress themes for 2013

For WordPress developers and designers, it is a ever-changing, never-satisfied quench for themes and plugins. WordPress themes are not exactly hard to come by, but getting the quality right and saving time is a big problem. It is not quite a big proposition to get paid themes at a reasonable cost, but when you are…

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Free video tutorials to learn advanced JavaScript

Love Javascript but don’t know where to start? You see too many free lessons but your learning never really took off? Get your free video tutorials to learn advanced JavaScript. The lectures from Douglas Crockford may hold the key! is hosting video lectures from Douglas Crockford, Yahoo!’s JavaScript architect. The lectures are intended for advanced programmers,…

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Discount coupon for WPEngine hosting

We have talked about WPEngine before.   WPEngine is one of the better shared hosting providers for WordPress, which takes care of all WordPress management while you can focus on the content. Managing hosting in general (and WPEngine falls in this category) takes a lot of load off your shoulders for upgrades, fixes and resolution…

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