10 Free Mobile Apps that Boost Blogger Productivity

improve blogger productivity on mobile device

Mobile devices are here to stay and prosper. What you do with mobile apps is up to you. There are three main categories of people here – people who use what is needed for a given task and be satisfied people who use every app under the sun, review them and let the world know (yours…

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WordPress doesn’t show images site wide? Fix inside

WordPress broken images

I run about three websites at any time on the same host. I also do experiments with new web technologies, and new WordPress themes on a subdomain to my main sites. In one such experiment, I noticed that the images were not turning up as expected in the new website. When this happens, I typically…

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Engage your audience and network effectively

engage your audience

There are two primary things that bloggers, old and new, struggle with. Create content Share content The problem of creating new, shareable content has been addressed in many forums. While it remains a big problem for a blogger to ideate, find out what’s hot/selling in the market, and create some content – it is something that…

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Get the best name for your website

bustaname locate best domain names for your site

You have a wonderful idea. You know what exactly your users need, and are fired up to supply it to them. And, become famous on the way. But, there is a problem. You just don’t know what to call yourself. You could take the easy way out – use your name, use your dog’s name,…

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Tools you must be using: SumoMe

SumoMe Control Panel

It is quite easy to get distracted by the noise about what makes it easy to maintain and enhance your website. There are tools galore that WordPress and other platforms offer. Your objectives vary, and so do tools created for a purpose. In this whole confusion, it is quite easy to scoff at anything labelled…

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Use Google reCaptcha – Prevent Spam, Digitize the World

google reCaptcha prevent spam in wordpress

Google reCaptcha is an effective way to prevent bots from spamming your website. What reCaptcha does is very simple – it shows an image to be solved to complete a manual action, e.g. for successful submission of a form. Users have to type in the text they find in the image to proceed. This is something…

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5 free social plugins that compel users to share

social media bandwagon social share compelling wordpress plugin

The best of the content you produce is nothing when there are no people to consume them. One of the best ways to get more people to view/comment/connect is to get the current set of readers to share them with others. Social media not only connect people to other people, but also topics to people.…

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Get WordPress theme from any website

mashable beautiful web design

Can you remember how many times you see a website, and cannot get it out of your mind? Can you remember how many times you want to desperately copy the theme of a WordPress website, and you have never been able to? Do you remember the image, colour combination and font that you have tried…

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Keyword Advantage Review – Prepare to Get Horrified

keyword advantage review horrible

Internet marketing is an interesting phenomenon. Here’s a domain where you are trying to get mind share and wallet share in front of millions, without ever leaving your room (well, potentially). You do this following a set of processes, methods, and studying human behaviour on the world of web. Sometimes, it is easy to do all…

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Top 3 WordPress themes for affiliate sites


Fact of the matter – “time is of essence”. WordPress installations are quick. You just grab the install from WordPress.org website, upload zip file to your host, click some buttons, and it’s done. If your host supports them (iPage does), there are a variety of one-click installers like SimpleScripts who automate the entire process. The…

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