iWriter invokes passion in both people who want content written, and in those who are looking for content to be written. iWriter has revolutionised the way content is written and sold in the market place. It continues that trend to this day in the face of non-existent competition.

To the delight of supporters, and to the dismay of detractors, iWriter just works.


Where does iWriter come in?

The Web or the Internet is all about content. Content can take many forms – video, a sound clip, an image, a cartoon and so on. But it is the written form of content that dominates the web, and will stay that way for a long long time to come.

It doesn’t matter if it is a blog, website, or even a video, the value of the web property increases manifold when accompanied with beautifully written content.

You will increase your readership, increase the fan base, and increase the chances of successfully selling something when you narrate that in the “right way”.

But as it happens, it is really easy to start a blog or a website, or even write a lone article on hubpages when you are beginning on your internet journey. Gradually that interest and the ability to write something fresh wanes over time. You may also see your business pick up elsewhere, and that requires a lot of focused time and energy.

If you are not genuinely interested in writing, this is the time you become seriously troubled. On one hand you have websites and blogs that constantly need new content. On the other hand, you lack time to address all those content needs.

This is the time when you turn to external content writers.

But, you don’t want to hire those content writers full-time. You want to get specific articles written, as per your specifications, within your time and budgetary considerations, and conclude that transaction.

If  you have been such situations you will know how difficult it is to find good writers in the market.

Enter iWriter. iWriter connects the writers in the market with the content seekers/requesters. It is a perfect platform for both parties to get their objective accomplished.


iWriter for Writers

Signing up as a writer in iWriter is quite easy. You enter some basic details, register yourself, and you’re ready to start.

Any writer can start writing immediately. All you need to do is find the articles that you are interested to write about, click a button to accept the piece of work, and write!

iWriter Review for Writers

In fact, I have found that this is the easiest way to start making money through writing. You write quality articles, submit them back to the requester, those articles get accepted, and you get paid.

Simple enough.

You’re completely free to choose a topic, and write to the specifications requested by the author.

While a few requesters like to specify a lot of requirements and constraints, a few others just provide the keywords. All requests will contain a requirement for a specific number of words along with keywords to be targeted in the article.

Since iWriter is taking care of payments, we can be assured of the payment once the articles are accepted. The payment frequency is set by you – it can be weekly, biweekly, or monthly, and at the designated time the payment directly credited to your PayPal account.

The requester can also tip you! She can pay you beyond the specified rate in the request.

I have 3 tips for writers –

  • Choose your topics carefully and wisely. If you are interested in a topic that has some demand on the web, you just have to write about those topics. You will find enough work for your chosen topic
  • Be responsive. Complete your articles on time, and up to specifications
  • Focus on quality. Never use fill words to bolster the number of words. Get a reputation of delivery more than what is expected, and get rewarded through higher number of stars (important!) and tips (bah!)


iWriter allows content seekers to direct their requests at specific authors. Building those relationships with requesters yield better benefits.

You will learn to recognize the pattern of repeat requesters. You will identify some of those requesters as the good guys, and to avoid the cranky requesters who are never satisfied.


Get promoted, get noticed

As a new user on iWriter you start as a “Basic Writer”. You are offered the basic article tier at this level, where you get paid around $6 for 1000 words.

As you write more articles, gain positive feedback, and gain more experience, you get promoted the next level of writer. You need to write at least 30 articles with a star rating of 4, or more, to get into the next level. As a “Premium Writer” you get around $8.5 for 1000 words.

iWriter author promotion

If you get an average of 4.6 stars or more, you get promoted as an “Elite Author”. An elite author gets paid around $15 for 1000 words. You see that getting promoted to the highest level should be one your first priorities. It easily doubles your earning per article.

iWriter also has something called “Fast Track Program”. Here, you pay a $147 fee to iWriter and submit 3 articles based on keywords provided by iWriter team.

You are immediately classified as an elite, or a premium writer, based on the quality of articles submitted to the team. You are waived off the requirement of the 30 articles and the requester ratings. Although the program fee may look steep, take note the additional $7-$15 (per thousand articles) that you get as compared to the basic writer.


As an author, when should you use iWriter?

I strongly suggest using iWriter when you’re getting started as a writer. It not only helps you understand the market, but also lets you get a feel for the business of content writing.  You will understand how to deal with clients, how to manage your time, and what kind of writing sells well.

When you are more established as an author, be choosy about what you write on iWriter, and for whom.

You can also use iWriter as a content seeker. In the content writing business there are instances where you will be on the wrong side of fence, all caught up with more work than you (and your team) can handle. Then (and only then?), you can always turn to the trusted iWriter and its army of writers to get the additional job done.

I talk more about entire business models that can be built using iWriter in my Content2Cash course.


Cons of iWriter for an Author

When you are starting out as a writer on iWriter, you are qualified for basic articles alone. To get qualified as an elite or a premium writer, you need to write at least 30 articles with a good average rating.

Unless you have experience in writing, you’ll struggle to get the average ratings required for the promotion. Basic writers do not get paid well.

The biggest problem for an author in iWriter is the rejection rate. The requesters can reject you for no good reason. In fact there are requesters who make a profit out of all the rejected articles by selling them elsewhere. This is unethical of them, but people have been found bragging about it in various forums.

You will also end up spending a lot of quality time on rejected articles. This severely limits your productivity v/s. earning ratio.

The rejection rate not only hurts financially today, but you’ll take so much more time to qualify for the promotion that can earn more money.

Also, note that you don’t see elite/premium articles all the time. You will end up spending your time writing basic articles that earn you lesser money.

I see iWriter as a “take off” platform for new authors. It is good for writers who can write real quick articles, rather than really long, well-researched essays. As you grow you need to diversify and invest in getting business from elsewhere in addition to iWriter.


What you need to be careful about?

Authors on iWriter should be careful about –

  • Requesters who have specified everything including kitchen sink as requirements for their 300 word article
  • Requesters with high rejection rates – they are just not worth your time
  • Be wary about cancelling your articles – ever. It hurts your credibility if you accept articles and cancel them later
  • Don’t try to restart writing the articles that you had accepted. You may get locked out, and that looks as though you have cancelled writing the articles you had accepted


iWriter for Content Seekers

For the content seekers iWriter is a godsend. If I was trying to get articles written from time to time, I am not sure why I would get the article from any other source.

For starters iWriter is really inexpensive.

You can buy you 1000 word article for $7.50 from a beginner author, for $10.50 from a decent author, and for $18.50 from an experienced author.

You just need to fill in the project description, provide tone and keywords for your articles, and select an article writer level (Basic, Premium or Elite). While more than one keyword means that many number of articles, you can specify as many instructions as you like in “Special instructions” box.

iWriter review for content seeker


Optionally, you can specify authors that you have worked with before.

Once you hit submit, your article request is going to be viewed by hundreds of authors from iWriter. There is pretty intense competition to write those articles. I have seen even highly technical articles (example, write an overview on a certain model of Cisco switch, and compare it to competition) gobbled up within a couple of hours.

iWriter specifies the time duration for writing an article. Authors are typically given 2 hours to write simple 400-500 words article.

The articles from writers are automatically copyscaped. This ensures that only 100% unique articles reach you.

The best part, however, is at the last. You receive those articles written by authors, you can preview them, and provide feedback to the writers. Depending on the quality of writing you are free to altogether reject the written articles. You can reject as many articles as you like before you finally accept an article.

Be mindful of those rejections though – writers provide feedback to the requesters. The more negative feedback you get, the more rejections you have – less are the chances of finding good authors for your next request.

iWriter also gives you an option for you to get articles rewritten. You can request for entire eBooks to be written as well.


As a content seeker, when should you use iWriter?

In one word – ALWAYS! (Corrected, you should not always use iWriter).

You can use iWriter to –

  • Get content for new blog posts
  • Write content for your niche sites
  • Review and compare products
  • Create content for short books that you want to publish yourself on your blog, Kindle or through other platform

You should not use iWriter if you want to transfer rights of this content to others (see cons of iWriter below).

The general rule of thumb – if one single content creation job is costing anywhere more than $50, evaluate whether you can use a few other platforms rather than iWriter.


Cons of iWriter for Requesters

You’d have got this message clear by now – iWriter heavily favours requesters.

You are in a “content-seeker heaven” with iWriter. You can request as many articles as you like, get all those articles written in really quick time, and pay for only those articles that you find with acceptable quality.

The first con as I see it – you will struggle to get good writers initially. As you gain more experience, you will find that iWriter helps you like no other platform out there.


(Thanks to Michael who highlighted the potential issues with rights in the comments section below.)

The second, and probably the biggest con is the issue with rights of the content you get created through iWriter.

Section 7 in the user agreement (what is behind the little box you check as “read” before hurrying on to the “I Accept” button) states –

License Grant. Immediately following Acceptance and payment to Company of the applicable license fee, Company shall grant User an exclusive, non-transferable license to reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, publicly display and publicly perform the accepted Content. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, Company shall retain all ownership and property rights with respect to the Content.

This means you get to use the content yourself, modify it, publish it, or throw the content away out of the nearest window.

But, you cannot transfer the rights to the content.

This is a big issue since mainstream publishers ask you to transfer full or limited rights to them. This is also an issue if you are trying to get something written to sell as “Private Label Rights” content – this is content where you allow the buyer/receiver of content to stamp their own name and market it as their work.

Stay alert of this clause if you are writing books, giving away content to others, or trying to act as a “content broker”.

If you are looking at “ever-lasting” content and long term use, it is of some concern that iWriter retains ownership on the content. They should be acting as a platform for the transaction rather than anything else.


What you need to be careful about?

  • Don’t set really short deadlines for yourself when you are getting started up on iWriter. Expect delays due to one or more authors unable to complete the work on time, or due to poorly written articles that needs rewriting
  • Don’t blame authors for all ills on the planet. Provide appropriate feedback when you reject articles – you will see authors appreciate you for that, and more than willing to work with you on your next project


In Conclusion

iWriter is an amazing platform to outsource content. As a content seeker I look at the “iWriter way” as revolutionary. It helps me to get my content written to my specifications, at a reasonable cost.

You just put down the requests with keyword, number of words required in the article, and any additional instructions, and you see an army of writers coming together to address those requests as soon as possible.

The problem of scale will never bother you.

No matter how many articles you need to get written, you can get that done typically in 24 hours.

I will go as far as to say that –

iWriter is the future of content creation.

iWriter provides flexibility like it never existed before. You are not constrained with one author, or even a team of authors. You are publishing your need to a huge number of authors who are willing to take up that work.

Further, you pay for only the content that you need and content that you find agreeable. iWriter takes only a small share for the service it provides, and you will come to see that it is totally worth that.

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I recommend iWriter whole-heartedly for your short-term content needs.


What is your opinion of iWriter? Have you used it before? Let me hear about your experience.