How to start a blog?

All the resources you need to start a blog. Join me as I walk you right from the planning process, through writing your first few articles.

Before you start Blogging

So you want to create a blog, huh?

No matter what the objective is, I extend a warm welcome to the blogosphere. It takes exceptional determination, and a bit of courage, to take the first step. You have done the right thing in sharing your world, your expertise and your passion with us.  I appreciate you for that. Thank you.


As you take this step, it is natural to be a little afraid of the tomorrow.

  • How will ideas come to you? After your initial thoughts would you really have anything to write about? Any blog seems to have hundreds, or thousands of posts. How will you even achieve that?
  • There are already tonnes of websites covering the same topic. How can you be any different? Will you get people to read about what you have to say?
  • You hear about plenty of abbreviations, and wild words used time and again. All that learning is difficult and you may not be able to make it through


Don’t be afraid. Ever. Blogging is easy.

Do not worry about your background, do not worry about what is going to happen tomorrow, and do not worry that you may not understand today.


Focus on your passion. Focus on what you want to say. You really want to share that with us, and that’s your first strong selling point.

Start sharing through your blog. Rest will follow.

  • Start Blogging

    As you may have guessed it by now, this page is dedicated to newbie bloggers. You will find all the information that you need to start a blog, and maintain it through the initial weeks.

    In various sections, we see how to organize a plan and mould it into a blog, things to know before starting everything, how and where to blog, what to blog, and finally, how to make money online through blogging.

    Let’s get the party started.

  • Plan

    Plan for everything that a blogger will need.

  • Set everything up

    This is the time and place for the setup.

  • Unleash your creativity

    Put together great content. See everything come together beautifully.

Divide and conquer the blogging world through three clear steps.

  • 1

    Plan what you want to do

    Spend some time here, even if you have a strong opinion about what to do. Learn which blogging platform to choose, and why.

  • 2

    Set up the platform for blogging

    Get to work and setup all things needed to write your blog and socialize it. Check out my recommendations on what works.

  • 3

    Start posting

    See what to blog, when to blog and how to unleash the content generation machine in you. Also see how to earn money through blogs.


Set your objective

Plan to Socialize

Plan your platform

Take a deep breath..

  • Enjoy the calm before the storm
  • Review your work

Set Everything Up

Configure your blog

  • Set your host
  • Connect your domain

Enable reader engagement

  • Turn on comments
  • Connect your social media profiles
  • Connect through emails

Unleash Your Creativity

Start Writing

  • Put your ideas on paper
  • Writing tools
  • Go visual


  • Connect with other bloggers
  • Connect with users
  • Popularize your blog

Learn about writing

  • Choose your headlines
  • Revisit content copy
  • Revisit once more..

Plan long term

  • Take stock of blog statistics
  • Build lists
  • Become a content powerhouse
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